My name is Jawn McClenaghan.

I was raised in Glasgow and currently live on the west coast of Scotland. 

I've been passionate about photography and film my whole life starting at an early age reading copies of the Reader's Digest and National Geographic. 

I've been doing photography for the past 10+ years, including retouching images for others and experimenting with video. I started out shooting portraits for people including models and musicians, but since starting North I have found my love for landscapes and I am approaching photography in a totally new way. I enjoy documenting and also capturing things that I witness on a day to day basis regardless of how interesting it may be to others - if there is something that draws my eye to it, I snap it. I think in such a fast paced world it's good to stop and document, to be creative. 

For the past 7 years I have also played guitar in my band 'The Recovery' with which I've played many festivals including T In The Park's 20th year, Wickerman festival and King Tuts Wah Wah Hut's New Years Revolution and Summer Nights festivals. We have toured around the uk and even have had our singles played on national radio and MTV.  I love music, especially old vinyl, and sound is important to me, which is useful when creating video to make sure it's got the right impact.

Out with my passion for photography, film and music, I have an amazing soon to be wife and 2 kids that I love spending my time with. it's great when I can get them involved in exploring. I want to show them as much as I can. I enjoy exploring and I find it interesting learning more about places particularly in my home country of scotland. I also enjoy cycling and love playing ice hockey. I have an extensive sneaker obsession... so working with PF Flyers not long after north started was awesome for me.

North has given Tristan and I an opportunity to both explore and grow working together creatively on a regular basis - which is great as we have a great friendship and partnership. it makes shooting images very smooth as we work well together and we also have a lot of fun doing what we do. It's important to enjoy the process to bring it to life more & so more people can relate.

 I hope we inspire others to become more adventurous, and pay attention to what is around them more, maybe even inspire some to experiment with a camera and take some snaps of their own to show the world what they see. 

I hope you enjoy what we create as much as I enjoy my part in creating it, and thanks for checking us out. Please spread the word. 


instagram - @jawnphoto