My name is Tristan Cameron-Harper

I grew up in Scotland until I was 15 before getting a scholarship for Banff Ice Hockey Academy in Canada, furthering my career and turning professional at 18. I played 7 seasons at a professional level including when I returned home to Scotland, before retiring in 2016 and starting my new adventure.

I am an agency represented model signed to Model Team in Glasgow, Scotland, and Brave Models Management in Milan, Italy.  I was given the title of Mr Scotland 2016/17 which ended up with me competing in Mr World coming 6th overall.

When I retired from the Professional Sports world I had new goals in mind of becoming a full time Mountaineer, focusing on my blog and creating content for the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and others, showcasing what Scotland and the outdoors has to offer. 

Meditation and Yoga are an important part of my routine and this led to me creating a Kilted Yoga video filmed in the Scottish Highlands. It fast became an internet sensation with over 50 million views in 3 weeks and still growing. 

My main passion is the outdoors be it running, hiking, climbing, swimming in lochs, or camping. I love our natural landscape, and I am also a supporter of self-sustainable eco living, and environmentally friendly and organic products in order to protect it.

Scotland is home, and I always enjoy coming back to the hills and breathing in the good fresh Scottish air and the magic we have here, but I also enjoy exploring mountains outwith Scotland, and I enjoy meeting new people and communities, learning about local cultures whilst photographing and documenting.

Trekking in Nepal then doing Camp Everest, and hiking the trails of Peru, alongside ice-climbing in Chamonix are just a few of my favourite experiences outside of home. 

I enjoy encouraging others to venture into exploring what is around us, whilst creating amazing photography/videography.

Being at one with nature and enjoying activities outdoors you also learn a lot about what works and what doesn't product wise, so I hope to continue showcasing some of my favourite brands in my blog also, through experience using them on expeditions home and away.

I am constantly challenging myself trying to grow more, so that I can become the best version of myself that I can be, and hopefully inspire others of all backgrounds and ages to do the same and follow their own goals, especially the upcoming generation of young adventurers. 

Sending amazing vibes always, 


Tris ☺