Working with Bedfordshire Beard Co. came about through one of my closest friends, Lori Sutherland. She connected me with one of her friends and owner of Bedfordshire, Tom Dowie, via social media. Tom & I quickly started chatting about our beards (as every bearded man seems to strike up this conversation no matter the size of his beard). We also got on really well as Tom is a professional mountain biker & l myself  am very much into mountain biking when l'm not busy playing ice hockey or adventuring.

As soon as l started growing my beard l was always interested in getting my own range of beard oil & beard balm produced so l could share the scents l like to use on my own face with other men around the world. Tom was already about 9 months into selling his own line of different beard oils & balms when we started talking, he was doing extremely well for himself at the time and still is to this day.

It was only a matter of time before Tom & I decided to collaborate together and work on a beard oil/balm scent that was going to be my own range called 'HARPER'S.' 

We decided to go for a sweet smelling vanilla/tobacco scent as l always love the smell of these two combined. - Tristan.

Shooting images of Tristan along with his own beard oil, 'HARPER'S,' was the first shoot we done after deciding to start a blog/site. We kept it simple shooting a mixture of portraits and product shots. We shot it on a rooftop of one of Glasgow City's many car parks, getting some lovely colour and tones from the surrounding buildings and landscapes. 

As the first proper shoot for the blog it was good to shoot a product from a company that Tristan is directly involved with and it kept it personal. 

The oil is great for bearded or non bearded faces and will work as a great unisex moisturiser. It leaves your face feeling hydrated and with it's mixture of vanilla and tobacco it'll definitely keep your scent appeal HIGH! - Jawn

Buy 'HARPERS' here.