18th January 2015 - We travelled to the top of the Braes of Balquhidder. On the way to the base of the braes, along the snowy path, we started shooting some images. This was a shoot we had planned for a long long time. We had first met shooting a model test together in August 2014. We had pretty much kept in touch since then and we were planning this shoot. I contacted a few brands to see if they would lend us some clothes to shoot whilst out in the snow. We shot images with clothing provided by Trespass, Fernweh and Outsiders Apparel. The white snow landscapes were perfect for the style of shoot we wanted and the light was unbelievable, like being surrounded by a constant, cold reflector. 

We discussed working on some more things together in the then near future and I think we both knew it would eventually progress into something like we are doing now with North. I've been looking through an old hard drive this week, the one that has the photos from this day on it, so I will be posting some candid shots from the day and some landscapes into the photo sets section of the site in two parts. 

Click HERE to check out part 1. 

- Jawn