Car park in the sky (Robertson’s Car Park) - Paisley, Scotland. 

 In my opinion this has to be one of the coolest places in and around Glasgow to visit. It’s an absolutely gorgeous viewpoint even if you are just taking a drive up there and chilling in the car embracing the views that surround you. 

But if you're more of the adventurous type like myself and you want a great place to take your dog for a walk or just go for a casual stroll then there is a variation of different paths you can walk. They will guide you to all sorts of different viewpoints that overlook the whole of Glasgow, Paisley and beyond.

One of the coolest things l enjoy about Robertson’s Car Park is the Country Park that allows visitors access so they can openly walk through the land where Highlands Cows roam. They are in use to control vegetation & preserve biodiversity. Any of you that haven't seen a highland cow up-close and personal should definitely add this to your list because they are some of the most alluring animals in the Scotland (approach with caution - especially when if it's during mating season)!

I highly recommend checking this location out when the night is clear or even to watch a sunrise or sunset - you will not be disappointed, l promise. - Tristan. 


It's been years since I've shot with a flash (minus the odd first dance shot at a wedding), so for me trying to learn artificial light use all over again it's as if I'm starting photography a fresh. Being a massive fan of natural light for so long and using the light you have available at the time of the shot, it's quite daunting for me trying to learn how to use flash guns for a second time. I used flash briefly when I first started taking photos about 9 years ago. We decided to go to the car park in the sky to give the flash a blast. We really just wanted to experiment with shots in the pitch black and see what we could get. We wanted to get some evenly exposed portraits but at the same time taking long exposures to get the brightness of the city lights beneath us. This location is perfect for it, you can see so much of the city and there is a section of the sky that lights up in a white haze from the lights of Glasgow airport's runway. It was a great walk as it was so dark, all of our other senses kicked in full throttle. I must admit I was pretty nervous whilst walking to the spot and walking back to the truck. Something that's always freaked me out is being outside in the pitch black which doesn't happen often. It's all about pushing yourself though no matter how small the steps. With that in mind I can definitely say next time I will be feeling right at home. 

Shooting with flash in different light environments is something that is going to take me a long time to get used to but practice is the only thing for it and it's another thing that I will be progressing this year - especially with the content for NORTH. I'm always looking to learn new techniques and soak up as much as I can so I'm looking forward to trying out different styles and keeping my capabilities growing into 2016 and beyond. - Jawn.