We were very excited to receive the brand new Dior fragrance, Sauvage, a month prior to worldwide release. Dior fragrances have always been one of the best in the business and Sauvage was no exception. We knew we had to shoot something cool for this. It was the first time we had shot anything that wasn’t involving an item of clothing so we thought of a few approaches. 

We knew we had to get some cool product shots and portraits but we also wanted to incorporate the two, having close up portraits featuring close ups of the bottle. We shot the images on top of a Glasgow building roof with the sun high in the sky and the puddles on the ground. A very typical contrasting Scottish day. 

For the shoot we got our hands on a pair of replica sunglasses designed to look identical to Johnny Depp’s blue tinted pair. They were to be used in store for sales assistants to wear the week the fragrance hit the shelves. Just one of the amazing details of the campaign. The campaign also featured a photo shoot and commercial shoot written by Depp. It is definitely one hell of a monster, as you would expect with these two huge names colliding. 

We kept the shoot simple and all imagery black and white to keep an almost gritty and sexy style. This was the second shoot we ever done to feature on the blog and we’re very happy the time is finally here to share the photo set.