Gordon St. Coffee.

Gordon St. Coffee, it is 100% definitely with a doubt my favourite coffee shop in Glasgow and possibly anywhere. I cannot express how much I love the place. I'll start with Gordon St. Coffee in their own words - 

I could leave it at that as it is pretty self explanatory.. but I won't. I can't. I cannot express how much I love this place. From the small things like their font, their familiar green coloured branding (forgive me if it's more blue, I'm almost certain I am not colour blind), their in house decor to the big game changing features like their stall underneath the Glasgow Central Station clock and their own in-house coffee roasting, particularly their delicious Glasgow blend.

I first visited GSC last Summer whilst shooting some behind the scenes images for my friend Stew Bryden. At the time he was renting an office space just at the other side of Glasgow Central Station and it very quickly became a regular meeting point for us, spending hours chatting and planning whilst drinking the great coffee. I instantly fell in love with the Glasgow blend and haven't looked back since. It has a very distinct taste and strong taste in my opinion and it by far miles better than most big chain coffee shops. Nothing against big chain names if that's what you like, but the taste compliments the whole vibe of the business perfectly. It's the kind of place that when you go, you feel like your part of something. As if you're part of a secret, even though they probably receives thousands of orders daily. 

On top of serving awesome coffee they also serve a vast array of food from hot filled morning rolls to beautifully made pastries and cakes. The food is another point that makes it stand out, sourcing all of their food products from local suppliers. As mentioned in their statement their 12 hour cooked brisket is a must, of course if you are a meat eater. If not there are a variety of veggie options. 

Like most other coffee chains, they have their own points card where you get a free coffee after you buy 6, which again is a great feature. Not that you need that to persuade you to go back because the coffee speaks for itself. I cannot urge everyone enough to try the Glasgow blend and any of their other in house roasts. Of course this is all personal opinion, but I ask that you all try it and see what you think, Gordon St. Coffee definitely is and for as long as it shall live, my favourite coffee shop. Go download their app and get your first coffee FREE! Enjoy and be sure to let the staff and ourselves know what you think! - Jawn