Balmaha - Millenium forest trail. 

Balmaha has got to be one of my favourite locations we've been to so far. It's located on the Eastern shore of Loch Lomond and is only approximately 20 miles from Glasgow City. It's a nice drive to the foot and there's a car park right at the start of the route. The majority of the trail is done by path with makes it very easy for anyone who isn't used to walking hills or anyone with bad ankles (which I currently have). On the way up we stopped off at a few spots and shot some content for another piece we are currently working on. One of the spots we shot was one of the trees about half way up. The tree was absolutely huge and stood out as soon as we seen it which you will see in the photoset. We also came across a fallen tree that hung over a ditch. It was a perfect spot for a photo as the sun hung high in the air and the light poured in through the trees behind. 

After a fairly easy 45 minutes you will be close to the peak, which at this point the path ends. As you turn around to get a look you are welcomed with some of the most beautiful scenery you will see within the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park. You'll see the shore lines of the Loch fade into the distance, the neighbouring hills and the best part for me, the islands in the water right below your view point. When I first seen pictures of this place I was instantly blown away and couldn't wait to get up - It 100% didn't disappoint. 


After a bit of steep walking / climbing you will reach the top and more than likely take about 4 gigabytes of images. When I first seen photos from one of Tristan's previous trips I knew I had to get up and shoot a particular set of images at the peak - images that I'm very excited about and we should be getting online tomorrow unless my other half FINALLY goes in to labour. 

All in all I think Balmaha has to be one of the best hikes around. It's not too high, not too challenging, not too far from the main cities and it's views are unbelievable. The views make it seem like you are way more higher than you actually are. If you're looking for a day out to get some fresh air or looking for a place to go at the weekend for a bit of exercise and a picnic with a view, Balmaha is the spot! - Jawn.

At just short of 400 meters the Conic Hill, Balmaha hike, has got to be one of the places you must visit that’s within reasonable distance from Glasgow. This lovely landscape shows the separation between Loch Lomond’s many islands & where the Scottish highlands start.

It’s a very short hike which starts from the Balmaha car park which should take no longer than an hour to peak (make sure you check the weather before). What l love about this hike the most is that there is so much nature all around that offers varying displays of scenery from beautiful old tall historic trees to stunning views across the water.  It's remarkable that this place is so accessible for us all to wander and even though it's close to the city you really do feel that you're away from any modern civilisation. 

I highly recommend this short enchanting hike for anyone who is seeking an escape for a few hours or just wants to experience one of the ever so many beautiful features that Scotland has to offer. - Tristan.