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MAHABIS – The ultimate modern day slipper.

Mahabis slippers are stunning! When l first saw these slippers hit the market in 2014 l knew l had to have a pair. I could imagine myself rocking a pair of these with jeans or just roaming about the house keeping my feet warm. As you can see from the pictures I have been wearing them casually hanging out in the locker room and around the rink when l'm not on the ice practicing. 

They are comfy and diverse with the option of indoor or outdoor wear due to the detachable sole that comes with them. They come in a variety of colour ways that accommodate your mood or style and means you won't be stuck with getting a pair to match your outfit, whether you're going out or just wearing some sick lounge clothes.

There is definitely a reason why these slippers have been featured in some top magazines, newspapers, and online publications such as The Financial Times, The Guardian, InStyle, WIRED UK, Hype Beast. Mahabis also made an appearance on the 2015 runways of both London Fashion Week and GFW, as covered by Vogue.

The best thing about Mahabis is that they are very unique in their appearance as well as being extremely plush. Most importantly they are affordable with free world wide delivery. - Tristan.

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