NEFF originally contacted me through social media via Instagram. l was extremely excited to get a message from such an ace company. They were interested in working with me because I am a professional ice hockey player/model and a big adventurer which seems to fit nicely with their image as a brand.

NEFF hats are super awesome, warm & protect the head from getting wet unlike a lot of your regular beanies that seem to let the water seep through. They offer such a diverse range including a huge selection of colours and styles of hats.  I wear my Neff beanies all the time whether it be when l'm out hiking, when l'm indoor climbing or just if l'm wanting to keep my head warm. They're perfect for the almost any look, especially whilst layering as winter is approaching. 

I would definitely recommend this company if your wanting to rock some mega rad headwear this winter. They also have some wicked watches that l would also recommend everyone check out! - Tristan.

When Tristan told me we were going to be shooting some content for NEFF Headwear I was instantly excited. He had previously spoken to me about the company and their very impressive list of ambassadors (Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Deadmau5 and Mac Miller to name a few!)

At first I only knew NEFF for their classic and timeless headwear, mainly their bright and bold beanies. The hats are soft but keep your head dry in all weather scenarios. We wear ours a lot whilst out hiking in the Scottish Highlands and rain or snow, they keep us warm and don't let any water in. 

We shot the images for the hats down near the Glasgow Canal. We didn't plan the location for the shoot but it was somewhere I had wanted to get images for a long time. There wasn't a lot of colour on offer from the surroundings so it helped making the already vibrant beanies stand out even more. We got the majority of our images down near the canal with the water and banks as the back drop. 

We had fun shooting our first batch of shots for NEFF and we will be shooting more in the future. I personally recommend their hats and if you go on their Instagram account you can find details about how to win a FREE hat from them. They also do a ton of clothing and underwear, they have built up a huge range with a number of different collections since establishing in 2002 and I can't see it going backwards any time soon! - Jawn.

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