PF Flyers x Todd Snyder New York.

PF Flyers are one of my favourite shoe brands. The first time l ever saw these shoes was in one of my favourite childhood movies, The Sandlot.

I always wanted a pair that l could rock anytime, anywhere. l am privileged enough to have the opportunity to collaborate with PF Flyers. For our first shoot I was rocking the ever so stylish Todd Snyder Rambler Hi. Such a classy shoe - well made, durable, sleek & most importantly, comfortable. We took a trip to an abandoned location on the banks of Loch Lomond and broke them in. I recommend checking this brand out, they are amazing! I am looking forward to sharing our next shoot with you using another great shoe from the PF Flyers collection.

- Tristan


Like Tristan, the first time I ever heard about PF Flyers was whilst watching The Sandlot. It was one of those movies that when you seen it you instantly wanted to do what the kids were doing in it, a bit like Mighty Ducks and Three Ninjas. I remember playing baseball (or rounders as we called it here in Scotland) and pretending to be Benny Franklin Rodriguez. It's a movie that I'll always love and it was such an effective product placement as throughout my whole life I've always been aware of PF Flyers due to their involvement in the story.

It's a pleasure shooting content with PF Flyers products as in my opinion they are one of the best brands Stateside. Such classic and to the point design often using luxury materials and an array of colours. There's definitely always something for everyone in their collections. The collaboration with Todd Snyder takes the brand to another level, adding yet again more choice for fans and collectors alike. The Rambler in nubuck is such a classy looking shoe. Considering they are technically sneakers they don't look out of place with a suit or any smart outfit. I am fortunate enough to have the blue suede PF Flyers x Todd Snyder Hi's which I shot a while back for and featured on Hype Beast & High Snobiety. I can't wait to shoot the next shoe and share with you all. It's definitely a classic..

Click HERE to check out the photo set!

- Jawn