The Hundreds is HUGE!

I've been excited to let my fingers loose on the keyboard to type up this blog post for sometime now. So much so that most of this will just be typed as an improvisation. I've been thinking of different things I want to mention and most of them run off into tangents and don't show sign of coming back around to the original reason behind the post - THE HUNDREDS.

The Hundreds for me has, is and will continue to be more than a clothing brand, which I think Bobby and Ben will both agree on. From the first time I seen the clothing within the old Fat Buddah store in Glasgow City, I knew it was something special. The first items I bought that day were a The Hundreds x Garfield shirt and a camera backpack, which up until recently I used religiously. After these purchases I started doing some online research and browsing through the website. The initial thing that got me hooked was Adam Bomb. I've always been into skate brands and always found a strong visual connection with the brands that always had a stand out logo, especially ones that had a character. I hadn't felt this way about a brand since Spitfire in my early teens. Everything I seen on the website blew me away, the photography, the concepts, the text I was reading within the blog posts and of course, the clothing itself.       I was instantly hooked, and ever since then I have been a huge fan of the brand. 

For me going on the website was like watching a band you loved on dvd - it had all the behind the scenes content that made you feel like you had a bond with the people involved. Through the media on the site you really felt like you were a part of it and more specifically, felt like you knew Bobby. I've been a big fan of Bobby's from the first time I dug deep into The Hundreds. His photography, his writing, his views on street wear and the industry in general. It really struck me then how much social media played a part in making the customer really connect and understand a brand and it's visions. 

Like many, The Hundreds made me want to instantly start a clothing label, a blog, a website, or all of them together. I had already been a photographer when I came across the brand but it somehow made me want to push more with what I was doing and inspired me to reach for what I wanted. Many people have questioned these feelings, stating 'It's only a clothing label,' but as we started off here, I 100% feel that TH is way more than a clothing brand. 

In recent years I have watched from my phone and computer screen the growth in the company. New website layout which incorporates so much more media than before, bloggers from all over providing media and content for the website, photographers snapping unbelievable images and tons more. And even this far on into it's existence, Bobby still shoots for the brand and continues to do so ridiculously well. 

After years of trying different styles of photography and messing around with various blogs and websites I find myself doing NORTH with one of my best friends and as always, feeling inspired by the abundance of content I see online daily, with The Hundreds being one of the main culprits. I guess this brings us onto these images. I seen online that Out of Step Ltd were a distribution company within the UK bringing some awesome brands over from the States. I originally saw that they were the distributors for another of my favourite brands Benny Gold. I got excited when I seen The Hundreds on the list and decided to get in touch. Being new to 'blogging' I was a little nervous to get in touch with a company I had only just found online and asking to borrow some clothes to shoot some imagery with. I was obviously more nervous as the brand I was requesting to use was my favourite. After some emails back and forward it soon became a reality and I would be getting some items to use for the blog, which got me excited. After receiving the items we had to put shooting on hold due to Christmas and new year and the usual bad Scottish weather. These images are the first we've shot which were taken during a day trip/hike in Balmaha within the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park. Originally I wanted to shoot all the items in one day but we decided to wait and shoot in a number of locations across Scotland. We will be shooting the rest of the content in the near future as at the moment my other half and I are awaiting the arrival of our baby boy who should be here very soon! More on that will follow on here I'm sure.

I have no idea what North is, what it will end up becoming and where it will take me, but that's the beauty of it. Tristan and I started out wanting to shoot images for brands we loved and seeing some beautiful parts of our native Scotland but already we seem to be in discussions with brands looking at going further, documenting places we have never been before and trying out products along the way. We are looking into dabbling with clothing also, which for me is exciting but definitely something we don't want to dive into feet first. We want to take the time to research, evaluate and create things that we are happy with first and foremost before getting outside opinions. At the moment, shooting images for brands we love and getting to incorporate products from a company such as The Hundreds is a big thing for me and I hope it may continue and grow into something strong and exciting. Many thanks to all the staff at Out of Step Ltd and a big thank you to Ben and Bobby for starting The Hundreds and inspiring myself and more than likely thousands of others to push and better ourselves at whatever we do. - Jawn.