Armani Event Glasgow

Although the event was a couple of weeks ago it still feels like yesterday with the amazing shop interior and the inspiring collections on display. We both attended the evening (Tristan was modeling), with our friend Chris in tow.

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Here's what we all thought about the night :  


Armani. Giorgio Armani. Glasgow. Fashion. Event. You guessed it, an Armani fashion event in Glasgow. In the new Armani store in the Connect11ons retail centre on Ingram street to be specific.

I started going to the odd fashion event around this time two years ago when I started shooting a bit with my friend Stew. Like most social events I felt a touch out of place and a bit paranoid. Nothing to do with the people or the surroundings, really just down to my personal social anxieties and insecurities. Like many people do, I felt a little uncomfortable going to and experiencing something new. Fast forward 2 years and I've somewhat grew a bit more comfortable in my wrinklier skin.

The event was showcasing some of Armani's new collections. Our very own Tristan Harper was one of the models on the night getting to wear the new collection for everyone in attendance to see. Since Tristan was working the show, Chris 'Brutes' Bruton and I decided to head along after grabbing something to eat. It's the first I'd seen Chris since he was traded to an ice hockey team across the border from our own Braehead Clan.

It was an awesome night for catching up and the first we had spoken in person since Chris became a part of NORTH.

We headed into the store and instantly said to each other that we felt out of place. For 2 young men going to an event so far on the back foot we almost fell back out the door, we actually ended up having a blast and speaking to almost everyone inside the beautiful building.

We got our jackets in the cloakroom and Chris headed for the bar. Champagne in hand and Canadian charm in his heart he headed straight to the groups of people and began talking away, speaking of all things Canadian, hockey, life and of course - the show. After the first walks were done we ended up chatting to a friendly and interesting girl from Denmark. Her name was Pernille and before we knew it we were talking about promotion, brand awareness and online advertising platforms and media. Pernille advised she was the trade marketing manager for Armani and worked for the company from her current home in London. We spoke about her career, her love for exploring and her old job at Tommy Hilfiger.

Before we knew it the last walk of the night had come to an end and everyone started chatting and relaxing. It was great to see my friend Aodán McIntyre also modelling in the show. We caught up a bit and took some snaps and then there was one person we had to talk to before we left, Andrea Perulli. Andrea is Giorgio Armani's lead stylist, a sophisticated looking man with a great charm about him. We spoke about his recent travels with the brand and the decision to open a store in Glasgow city. We swapped some details, some laughs and took some pictures before we said goodbye.

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The last person I spoke to on the night was Glasgow's very own Sheri Scott. Most of you may know Sheri as one half of Betty & Bee or through her own blog and PR business - Forever Yours, Betty. I've seen Sheri's work online for years but never actually spoken in person. It was good to finally put some personality to the awesome work she does for her personal blog and for brands she works with. We spoke about getting old, my little boy and girl, her new pup, our partners, pop punk and a list of other things. It was refreshing to speak to someone at an event who was so down to earth and positive about everything and anything that is happening here in the city of Glasgow. Hopefully Sheri will be someone we may work with in the future. 

All in all it was a great night with a lot of inspiring pieces on display. I don't think I've ever felt so comfortable at an event so far as I did on that night. Here's to the next one!

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So, your good friend is a model……….and you’re not! Life could be a lot worse especially when it still means you get to be a plus one at a Giorgio Armani store launch in Glasgow, and he is one of the models walking.  Did I mention there was free booze and some pretty good scenery to match.  Now this scene is something I am not accustomed to and I definitely didn't fool myself into thinking I fit in.  But the even better part is my good friend Jawn who, with all the tattoos and long rocker hair I would think would look even more out of place than me.  The two of us met for some grub before heading to the show and chatted about how people would likely in this industry ignore us or see us as the elephant in the room.  But as the night unfolded the two of us couldn’t have been more wrong as the Giorgio Armani launch party was a big success and a ton of fun, especially the after party!

As Jawn and I arrive security looks at us like “there is no way these two scrubs are in the right party” but one of the event hosts Nadine I believe, was so great right away greeting us with a ton of energy and welcoming us to the party.  After I helped myself to a couple champagnes, Jawn and I settled to the back and looked over the beautiful new store, and of course like everyone else scoped the room and “people watched”.  Within minutes though individuals were engaging us into great conversation, telling stories of where they came from, and genuinely asking who we were and our story.  It was a great group of people that all displayed a unique passion for what I came to see was so much more than just the fashion.  As the models formulated down the spiral staircase and the music amplified, the party began to take a life of its own, and Jawn and I actually both fit right in, or so we had everyone believing.  I had never experienced a party or fashion launch, and I can honestly say it was an awesome party where everyone showcased great energy, an excitement for fashion, and just great passion for all the new things happening around Glasgow.  What better addition to this city than a world renowned fashion clothing line like Giorgio Armani. Tristan came out after he did his walks, and I bugged him about his Zoolander poses. We all had a laugh and immediately all the models and spectators began to socialise. I definitely have to thank the event hosts and the Armani Group for putting on an awesome show and great experience. The after parties seemed to really stretch the night out and I can’t say that was a bad thing at all, but I think I will leave it at that. Great times!

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Being involved with the new Armani store launch/fashion show was a great opportunity for myself, getting the chance of modelling Armani's new season has been a dream. I'm in love with their new style, such a casual but sophisticated smart look. Their new style really shows the Italian way of life, very relaxed but also at the same time extremely business orientated. The fabrics used are bliss, they feel amazing whilst wearing them and they have extra comfort with the breathable material allowing a lot of air flow to get in, which is especially good if you are of a muscular build. l would recommend anyone who has not been a fan of Armani in the past to take a look and try out some clothes at the new store on Ingram Street. Even if it's just to pop in and check out the store, such a beautiful interior and setup.

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