Back In Scotland!

It's amazing being back in Scotland, l feel a lot of people would differ who are originally from Scotland & coming back to a Summer that’s always inconsistent.

My travels In Nepal & Bali were amazing, l have learned & experienced so much, but for me it was time to get back home. l could feel the calling of my Scottish roots to get back here, plus l missed that crisp Scottish fresh air.

Being in Scotland during the Summer is one of my favourite places in the world, Scotland is such a hidden gem.  There is an abundance of highlands throughout Scotland with the opportunity of hiking small mountains, that we like to call munros, within just a few hours drive away, something l really missed when l was travelling.  The bigger cities like Glasgow & Edinburgh have an amazing buzz about them, people are all so happy the days are longer & there is always something happening especially with the excitement of the Edinburgh festival that begins in August which is the largest arts festival in the world.  

Being back home has been great for me, catching up with my friends has been awesome & seeing my family has been something l have really missed. 

There is a lot l have going on right now that I feel has all happened very fast with new and exciting projects in the near future with my main supporters Tiso (Scotland’s leading mountain wear store). I

'm looking forward to sharing with you all what l have in store, especially my blog piece that will be coming out soon about my travels to Base Camp Everest along with pictures l took.

Sending you good vibes,