Dunkeld Highland Offroad Experience.

Have you ever been quad biking before and have you ever done it in the Scottish Highlands?  No? Well, there are two activities that are equally awesome and compliment one another perfectly, and you won’t regret a day out giving it a try.  

The last time l went quad biking was when l was around twelve years old, my friend invited me over to his house on his dads farm and let me have a shot driving his quad bike and from what l can remember it was one of the coolest things l got to experience.  Might have even helped me get in some practice for learning to drive later on.


Many years later and 30 years old l had this urge to have another go driving a quad bike especially in Scotland, the landscape throughout Scotland is perfect for this.  Now that lm older l can get to go on a super fast quad bike, so I was definitely a little excited when I had the opportunity of getting to enjoy some quad biking at Dunkeld Highland Offroad with some close friends of mine which ended up being a really fun day out for all of us.



If you dont know much about Dunkeld its one of the main gateways into the Scottish Highlands, and whats perfect about Dunkeld Highland Offroad is that when adventuring with them you quickly realise that they have access to over 280 acres of wild highland estate giving you a real insight into the vastness of some of the real beauty which makes Scotland so magical. 


If you are familiar with Shakespeare’s Macbeth, you will be interested to discover the Birnam Oak hidden in plain sight, which is believed to be part of the wood from when Malcolm’s soldiers cut branches to disguise their attack on Macbeth at Dunsinane Hill.


The surroundings were great and the quad biking was awesome, but what really made me feel at ease even though lm a bit of a rebel when it comes to anything outdoors, is how safe l felt when out on the quad trek.  It was a good and safe experience for everyone, be it a group of adults or families having a fun day out. Perfect for parents wanting to find something different to keep the kids occupied too. 


Tommy our instructor gave us a well informed brief on safety before we got on the quads, then a small practice course between cones practicing our stops and starts, changing gears etc… And for our youngest member of the group James he was on a quad bike suitable for children, rather than on the big adult quad. I’m not gonna lie the kids quad bikes definitely looked cooler than our quads, and way more sportier.



James was a little nervous as he had never been on a quad before, and some extra help was at hand as one of the other instructors came over and helped him one to one which really did make me happy to see that he was getting that attention and was able to feel safe and get to enjoy the experience.  He couldn't stop smiling, always great to see the kids joining in and families laughing together doing things outdoors,  it’s good to be able to experience these moments.



We began to feel like we were professionals after our guided practice course before we made our way onto the proper trek.  The assault course was a blast tackling camel back humps, steep hill sides and cobbles then making our way into the forest feeling extra confident on wide open tracks and narrow woodland paths. That was where it got even better! 





Our day quad biking flew by super fast, before we knew it our time was up.  I really couldn’t have asked for a better experience, the weather was semi dry which made it extra fun on the trek and challenging in areas that it was damp as you really had to make sure you were moving your body with the quad.  


But what really got me thinking was l definitely have to come back here when its snowing as it would be even more fun and beautiful surrounding wise too.  I love how Highland Offroad are open 7 days a week all year round and open to any weather conditions (unless its deemed dangerous of course), they dont normally close even when the snow is super deep, instead it makes for an extra dimension to the adventure.





These quads adventures are great whether it’s a group of adults or a mixture of children. Definitely great bonding experience for families and friends. There was a mixture of us, and James and his dad had a great time, as did the rest of us. We all got lost in the moment laughing and it was like being kids again, good fun! 


l must make you aware though, be prepared to get muddy, although that in itself makes it even more fun and if you bring children make sure that they are over 12 years old. Also try to book in advance as it can get booked up quickly, what a great day out!

If you want to book, check out Highland Offroad website below!