Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa - Soak Your Senses.


Being on the go all the time can become very demanding both physically and mentally, in the long run this can lead to problems such as frustration, anxiety, stress, poor concentration, poor sleeping patterns, and can affect our physical health just as much as our mood and mental health. Pretty much all the things we don’t want to happen can often happen when pushing ourselves in whatever scenario we are in, if we don’t take time to rebalance. If we go through life constantly juggling, at some point we will drop a ball. 

Pushing ourselves is great on so many levels, but ultimately we need a balance, and to have time to ourselves to recharge. Trying to ensure I regain some balance and keep a peace of mind plays a huge part in my life on a daily basis.  When I’m in my space of relaxation its that place that i find my personal growth and my creativity really thrives, things flow easier and I am much more at ease with everything. I surprisingly feel much more in tune with the self development of where i see my future going too, as weird as that sounds, but I think taking time out for yourself to relax helps you filter out all the noise, demands and expectations of modern life and everything you’re juggling. It’s like hitting a pause button to just be, and you can see where you’re going better, clearer vision, and then you can hit play again and get back to doing what you do feeling more confident and content in what you’re doing next.

Coming from a professional sports background i am aware of how important taking care of and relaxing the body is and how you also have to take care of your mental health and well-being. Being a keen photographer and mountaineer i get to travel alot for work and I may undertake many adventures, but at the same time being a mountaineer which I love, I tend to put my body and mind into intense situations which are extremely demanding on the body/mind as much as you have to be comfortable and trust yourself in those moments. Every day you are learning also, so you need to be able to keep that balance and find things that help you unwind in other ways too.

I was approached by Edinburgh Grand Hotel & Spa for the launch of the Soak Your Senses in room bath experience. I didn’t quite know what to think of this at first and let’s be honest there are plenty people who are not so keen when they hear spa day or spa experience as they visualise the stereotypical spa experience that is great for some but just not right for others, then it clicked, this isn’t just like visiting the spa after a busy day trying to fit it in during certain hours etc, instead i could enjoy the comfort of a spa like experience in my room and this could be pretty cool to check out to see what it is like.  This could be the kind of thing myself and plenty of others would be into and it can fit into our busy schedules.

sheraton spa 2.JPG

The Soak Your Senses bath experience is a package that consists of specially chosen ESPA bath oils, freshly brewed tea and an exfoliating wash glove, with the addition of some mood lighting which is an option in the hotel bathrooms. For those unsure about the mood lighting benefits, there are various studies on the effects of colours and coloured lights, sensory lighting is also therapeutic for many. It is optional, but worth considering and experimenting with the different colours to see what you think. The mood light comes alongside paired music for the specific ESPA bath oil package that you have chosen, and is played through the built-in bathroom speakers that is recommended by the Spa. It is an all round sensory experience!

I was pretty zonked after my day in Edinburgh, I had a few meetings in the morning then had a full day to myself. The sun was shining so I walked about 20 miles around the city, visiting Edinburgh Castle, Scotts Monument, Calton Hill, Arthurs Seat, National Museum and trying to discover as many new hidden alleyways in the city as I could.  If you haven’t been to Edinburgh before and when you do, you will understand what i mean by trying to discover new hidden alleyways, the cobbled streets of Edinburgh are the thing that makes it very fun to explore.  

I made it back to the Sheraton for around 7pm, it started with a delicious dinner at One Square, then it was straight to my room. I chilled out for an hour, read a book, letting the food settle then i called Guest Services to order my Soak Your Senses package.  I went for the Calm & Centred package, as for me remaining calm and centered in every situation is very important,  and i believe and feel that nothing can thrive if it doesn’t have a solid foundation at the core of everything.

I had a few choices to choose from though and it’s dependent on what you yourself feel you require or what you’re curious to try. The options were Relaxed, Energised, Focused, Inspired or Revived. Each package comes with paired teas, which i think adds a cool vibe to the whole experience and of course the mood lighting.

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About 20 minutes later guest services arrived at my room with the complete package that Soak Your Senses offers.  I also had the option of adding a glass of champagne or any other add-ons from the in-room service menu, if that’s your kind of thing they’re more than happy to add that, but I felt the original package was perfect for me at that time. 

The experience definitely didn’t disappoint, unlike being in a spa you have full control over everything, music, lighting, when to get out the bath, complete privacy and its available 24/7. 

So if you’re someone who is put off by the traditional spa experience and visions the mind concocts of a typical spa, then this is a great alternative for you. I really enjoyed this, it was all in my control and it did help ease into the mindset to relax and just take time out for a while and effortlessly. i thought it would be hard to get in the mindframe of relaxing, it’s funny how we think about how to relax rather than just doing it right? but I didn’t have to think about it, I just found myself relaxing and found all the elements really nice added touches, especially enjoying Simply Sencha which was the tea paired with Calm & Centered.

It made my stay in the Sheraton that much more enjoyable, a stay with a cherry on top! I woke up feeling great, refreshed and tackle the day ahead. It doesn’t matter if you just want time out to go away for a relaxing weekend city break, or if you are like me running around all the time and needing some chill time after that or a busy meeting, I’d highly recommend it as you’ll find it worth it. Maybe next time I’ll try a different package. 



Thank you Sheraton Grand Hotel and Spa, l look forward to staying with you again.